Mission: Impossible 7 Part One: Tom Cruise Looks Trademark Intense and the First Trailer is Packed With Action [VIDEO]

CINEMA NEWS – The Mission: Impossible 7 Part One: The trailer for the seventh part of the series has arrived. Director Christopher McQuarrie’s latest film will hit theaters on July 14, 2023 in the hugely popular Spy Franchise.


Worthy of Tom Cruise, the first preview of the long-awaited part of the billion-dollar action spy franchise is filled with explosive actions and dazzling stunts.

The official Mission: Impossible Settlement The first part of the first part was released after an obvious leak over the weekend. Twitter users who shared the leak quickly received a copyright disqualification. The first look at the Paramount movie was shown on CinemaCon last month.

Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, the IMF’s agent and chief operating officer, which he first starred in in a 1996 film based on the popular TV series. The first part of the series, titled Dead Reckoning, is the seventh film in the series.

Dead Reckoning Part One is particularly noteworthy as it is the first sequel in which Eugene Kittridge, the director of the IMF in the 1996 film, returns. In that film, the character shared one of the most iconic scenes in the entire franchise, a “Kittridge, you’ve never seen me get very upset” hassle with Hunt. Kittridge is again played by Henry Czerny, who also gets good little screen time in the new trailer.

Director Christopher McQuarrie’s latest film will hit theaters on July 14, 2023, in a hugely popular franchise that has been postponed several times due to the pandemic. The next film in the series is expected to hit theaters on June 28, 2024.

Check out the trailer below:

Respectively, for a little nostalgia, we shared the trailer for the first film, the ’96 film, where both Eugene Kittridge and Tom Cruise look at each other with an intense gaze and the aforementioned cult hassle was uttered.


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