Will PlayStation Network Be Available On PC?

One of the job offers from Sony Interactive Entertainment strongly suggests that Sony is trying to integrate the PC platform more seriously so that its presence here is not just an afterthought.


DualShockers spotted the job posting, where Sony is looking for a project management director with a specific focus on “PC game experiences” and duties will include platform integration with the PlayStation Network. The job advert has also gone up on Twitter, which confirms Sony’s ambitions: the company has been repeatedly quoted as saying it wants to be multiplatform (and we recently wrote that Bungie would be much needed to do pull it off…).

It isn’t the first time Sony has advertised a mobile and PC job opening with a mention of PlayStation Network. Last October, the company was looking for a user experience design manager responsible for PlayStation’s “off-console experience” by designing mobile, web and PC apps that would help Sony expand its content distribution platform. It can be explained by looking at its rival: Microsoft’s (Xbox) Game Pass service has long been on PC, and it would be appropriate if Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, which is soon to be rolled out in Europe, were to be brought over to Windows, too.

“Lead and evolve the PlayStation game experience roadmap for all game-related experiences, including SDK development, client application experiences and PlayStation network Platform integration. This role will be asked to take the lead on the overall PC gaming experiences for PlayStation, including the leadership and responsibility to implement and deliver to our players worldwide,” the job posting reads.

So Sony is quietly moving slowly into PC, which could seriously disrupt the market alongside Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store/Game Pass… but that would also require a more robust presence and accessibility, without the exclusives taking years to reach gamers who don’t play on PlayStation consoles.

Source: PSL

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