Final Fantasy XVI: Square Enix Doesn’t Want An In-House Rival? [VIDEO]

The Japanese publisher is cautious with two of its upcoming (and long-announced) games. It is the mindset Electronic Arts could have followed in 2016…


The XboxEra podcast started the rumours about two Square Enix games. It sounds pretty weird, but who knows, it might make sense. So, one of the hosts, Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker (who tends to be reliable and accurate with his information), claims that Final Fantasy XVI is a priority for the Japanese publisher. Square Enix should have more to say about this game shortly, and it’s almost certain that it will be part of a PlayStation broadcast in early June, as the trailer is already ready to go (we’ve covered these topics in detail before).

But it’s not just Final Fantasy XVI that’s important to Square Enix. It might have a release date/time to announce, as there’s also Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, which will almost certainly not be coming to PlayStation 4 (there may be a release date/time announcement for it, too). Still, the other major player in the mix could be Forspoken, which has been postponed until autumn.

Rumour has it that if Final Fantasy XVI is due out this year, Square Enix may decide to delay Forspoken once again so it can come out in 2023, which might make sense because what we’ve seen of it so far hasn’t been up to snuff, and so there’d no such thing as two games of similar genres coming out too close to each other (Battlefield 1 caused Titanfall 2 to suffer in 2016; hopefully, Electronic Arts took the hint). It would give Forspoken, in development at Luminous Productions, a better start, and Final Fantasy XVI would have no competition from within the publisher.

However, it is unofficial. If Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t come out this year, then Forspoken won’t be delayed once again. And if it is, don’t be surprised if Forspoken quietly falls through to next year.

Source: PSL

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