Johnny Depp is „Too Risky” for Big Studio Roles, According to a Hollywood Producer

MOVIE NEWS – Despite winning a libel lawsuit, a producer says the actor could still struggle to get big movie offers.


Although it’s clear that Johnny Depp has emerged victorious in his recent libel lawsuit, despite not receiving the total compensation he sought, it seems some in Hollywood still don’t believe his return to big-money blockbusters will be as easy as others think. According to News24, an unnamed Hollywood producer who has worked with Depp at some point in the past has cast doubt on whether the big studios will hammer the famous star for signing him down, thanks to some of the things that have come to light during the lawsuit.

Over the past month, millions of people have been following the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard defamation lawsuit via multiple live streams. Several audio and video recordings were played in court and text messages, and other written excerpts did not portray either party in a good light. The unnamed producer says this could be the biggest hurdle for Depp going forward. They said:

“The damage that’s been done has been done, and from that, maybe a process back to some normality will start, but I don’t think he’s going to get big-big-big studio work with so much at stake. Too risky to put a guy like that in billion-dollar franchises. The things he said are despicable.”

While it’s undeniable that some of Johnny Depp’s objectionable messages to friends about Heard have surfaced in court, and his frequent filming problems due to his alcohol and drug problems at the time are undeniable, Depp himself has not attempted to hide his past issues and seems ready to move on with his life – whether this proves more difficult than expected remains to be seen.


Johnny Depp’s fanbase is as strong as ever after the lawsuit was settled


Despite the reservations of the unnamed producer, it is clear that Johnny Depp’s popularity has not declined much as a result of what has come out of the lawsuit. A former Disney executive has previously said that there is every chance that the company will approach Depp to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Although Depp himself has previously said that he would not return to the series, that does not mean that he will not be asked.

Depp was on tour in the UK last week with musician Jeff Beck and was in Newcastle on the day of the jury verdict. Since then, it has been reported that Depp is now planning to record an album with Beck, and the public reaction to his performances has been consistently rapturous. For Depp, this seems to be a time of rebirth and moving on from what has been a traumatic period for the actor. After the sentencing, he wrote in a statement: “I owe it to my children and all those who have steadfastly supported me to speak the truth. I feel at peace knowing that I have finally achieved this.” Although some disagree, it seems that this support is still there and will not go away.

Source: News24

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