The Gotham Knights Game Distances Itself from the Gotham Knights TV Series

The developer announced on Twitter that the Gotham Knights TV series has nothing to do with the Gotham Knights video game. They stressed that they are “separate projects unrelated to each other”.


There are currently two Gotham Knights titles coming out next year. One is a video game (coming in the second half of 2022), and the other is a TV series (early 2023), both of which will see a team of people team up to fight crime in Gotham after Batman’s death.


However, despite sharing a name, an overall concept, and a close release date, the two have nothing to do with each other.

“Message from the Belfry: the #GothamKnights game and the upcoming TV series of the same name are separate projects that have nothing to do with each other,” tweeted Warner Bros. Montreal. “We can’t wait for you to experience the action of Gotham Knights soon.”

That clears everything up, although why Warner Bros. thought it was a good idea to allow two simultaneous projects to use the Gotham Knights name is anyone’s guess.

The game version of Gotham Knights is now only months away from release (which, in case you missed it, will be exclusive to current-gen consoles). Accordingly, more and more details are emerging ahead of its release, including the inspiration behind Red Hood’s incredible Mystic Leap ability.

Meanwhile, the game’s development team has updated Barbara Gordon’s description on the Gotham Knights website to reflect her rehabilitation better. This follows criticism from the community that Warner Bros. Montreal had fallen into “tropical territory” by having a character “overcome” her physical disability through heroic training and dogged determination.

Most recently, it was reported that the Russian version of Gotham Knights had been cancelled. The reason for this is said to be “the political consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Source: ComicBook

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