The Callisto Protocol Will Have PlayStation-Exclusive Content

More details about the return of Dead Space creator Glen Schofield have been revealed, courtesy of the PlayStation Store.


Checking out the PlayStation Store (its US version, but that’s irrelevant…), we can see that Private Division, a publishing arm of Take-Two, will follow the pricing model already outlined by NBA 2K, for example. The basic edition of The Callisto Protocol will be $60 for PlayStation 4 and $70 for PlayStation 5.

There will also be a pre-order bonus, the Contraband Pack, available regardless of version. It will give you the Retro Prisoner weapon and character skin. Yes, there will be more than one version; we haven’t mentioned that The Callisto Protocol has a season pass. You can get it by purchasing the Digital Deluxe version, which will cost $80 on PlayStation 4 and $90 on PlayStation 5.

As it’s already been confirmed that the Contraband Pack will be PlayStation-exclusive, likely, Sony has already agreed with Striking Distance Studios (the developers) and Krafton (the publisher) to have more PS-only content, or at least in the case of DLC, at least some sort of timed exclusivity. However, at the moment, due to a lack of confirmation, we’re still only guessing about it.

A few days ago, we described what to expect from Schofield’s studio: “Set on Jupiter’s moon Callisto in the year 2320, The Callisto Protocol is a next-generation take on survival horror. The game challenges players to escape the maximum-security Black Iron Prison and uncover its terrifying secrets. The Callisto Protocol game aims to set a new bar for horror in interactive entertainment, blending horror, action, and immersive storytelling. In this narrative-driven, third-person survival horror game set 300 years in the future, the player will take on the role of Jacob Lee—a victim of fate thrown into Black Iron Prison, a maximum-security penitentiary located on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto.”

The Callisto Protocol is launching on December 2 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: PSL

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