Fort Solis Gets A Great Cast: Here’s The Teaser! [VIDEO]

Indie studio Fallen Leaf has unveiled its sci-fi thriller Fort Solis, starring Troy Baker and Roger Clark.



The unveiling trailer for Fort Solis debuted during Summer Games Fest 2022, and the game features a cast of big-name actors in the lead roles. Troy Baker and Roger Clark play characters who are part of a team of Martian miners who, having lost communication with Earth, rely on each other for survival. The dark and ominous tone of the trailer suggests a space survival horror experience reminiscent of some of the films on the same theme.

After a Martian sandstorm damages Fort Solis, it will be up to Wyatt Taylor and Jack Leary to keep the facility afloat.

The timing couldn’t be worse for the team, as Earth and Mars are at the furthest points of the solar system from each other, and help is months away at best. The trailer promises that the game will reveal some mysterious elements and questions whether the troubled crew will be able to work together long enough to survive. The unveiling trailer did not indicate what the gameplay would look like, but it is described as a third-person “tense thriller” and promises “top-notch” graphics from the developers of Fallen Leaf, who are using the Unreal 5 Engine.

The game will be one of Roger Clark’s first big projects after his performance as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 shot his reputation to new heights.

Troy Baker solidifies his stake as arguably one of the busiest actors in the video game space, and the atmosphere of Fort Solis looks set to capitalise on the dramatic actor’s skills. In an interview with Geoff Keighley after the trailer was unveiled, Troy Baker likened the experience of the game to a cross between Dead Space and Duncan Jones’ 2009 film Moon.

The project has attracted interest since Troy Baker and Roger Clark posed together in motion capture gear. Fallen Leaf Studios is an independent developer looking for success with an ambitious first game. With two strong actors and many more to be announced, Fort Solis’ recent Summer Game Fest debut could be the start of an incredible journey for a new studio and a new IP.

Overall, Fort Solis, at first glance, is like The Martian, but with more thriller and mystery elements and less about the science of survival on Mars.

Previous Unreal 5 Engine demos have shown an almost eerily realistic environment, so the tiny European studio will have to give it their all before the 2023 release to be able to bring it up to the expected standard.

Source: YouTube

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