Nightwing Steals The Show In Gotham Knights’ New Trailer! [VIDEO]

Warner Bros. has shown us what we can expect from Nightwing as Gotham’s protector, a member of the Bat Family, in Gotham Knights.



Plenty of allies have stood with Batman in defence of Gotham City, but Nightwing stands out even more. Dick Grayson has been one of Batman’s most loyal allies, even briefly donning the helmet, and he looks set to be the team’s natural leader in Warner Bros. and DC’s latest title, Gotham Knights. WB Games Montreal has delved a little deeper into this with a new trailer, in which players can get a better look at how Nightwing plans to defend Gotham City and will also have some customisation options at his disposal.

Gotham Knights is the latest Batman game from developer WB Games Montreal, the team behind the Batman: Arkham prequel Batman: Arkham Origins.

The game spotlights Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood after the deaths of Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon, leaving the surviving Bat Family as Gotham City’s sole defenders against crime and corruption. At the heart of the sin is the mysterious “Owl Yard”, a secret society that has been running Gotham from the shadows for generations and has set its sights on the Bat Family, so the heroes must uncover the truth behind the organisation and stop its plans once and for all.

Players can get to know Nightwing better in the game’s new character trailer, including his fighting style and customisation options.

Given the character’s background as a circus trapeze artist, his fighting style is remarkably agile and acrobatic, literally shaking his punches with his staffs and stunning enemies with his articulated spears. He then introduces two alternative outfits that players can equip to spice up the character: the first is a more stylish outfit and a shaggy hairstyle, while the second looks like something out of Mortal Kombat. Players can also take a quick look at the Flying Trapeze, Nightwing’s glider that can take him around the rooftops of Gotham City.

In a game starring the Bat Family, it makes sense for Nightwing to be the centre of attention, given his long history with Batman.

Nightwing’s personal history, like Batman’s, is riddled with tragedy, as his family, the Flying Graysons, were killed after mobsters sabotaged his trapeze wires when they failed to pay protection money. What sets the character apart, however, is his seemingly eternal optimism, which contrasts with the dark and gloomy nature of characters like Batman, Red Hood and Damian Wayne.

Source: Gotham Knights

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