Tour De France 2022 and Pro Cycling Manager 2022 released [VIDEO]

Nacon and Cyanide Studio have announced the release of two cycling simulation games (though only one has a console version, the other is a relatively long-running game adaptation).


Pro Cycling Manager 2022 puts you in the shoes of a sports director. This game offers a mix of cycling simulation, management and real-time racing. Players will have to lead their teams to the top of the rankings, and this year’s managerial game also brings several new features. From a more realistic race generation system and artificial intelligence behaviours to a new talent recognition system and an improved interface, players have 260 races, 680 stages and 70 teams at their disposal. Cyanide’s 20 years of experience has played an enormous part in making this happen. The first video below shows this game.

And in Tour de France 2022, we can find our place in the peloton. It’s another cycling simulation, offering serious cyclists the chance to experience all 21 new official stages of this year’s Tour de France. New teams joining the field include Eolo-Kometa Cycling Team, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA and Uno-X Pro Cycling. A new classic, La Primavera Classic, is among the 91 stages available in the game. The realism has been further enhanced with the addition of crashes during the race, a preparation system and sectors that can be described as cobbled. There is also a new game mode for players, Race of the Moment, which allows them to compare their results with each other every week to reach the top of the world rankings. The second video below is about this game.

Don’t look for Pro Cycling Manager 2022 on any console generations, as it is a PC-exclusive title. In contrast, Tour De France 2022 is essentially just skipping the Nintendo Switch, as it’s available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Magnew press release

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