The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition Will Be Free Of Microtransactions! [VIDEO]

The life story of the resurrected game is quite a surprise even from Sony.


Q-Games, the game’s developers, acquired the IP rights to The Tomorrow Children from Sony after the company shut down the free-to-play game, which was unplayable for a long time. Now the studio is bringing it back, and it’s no coincidence that it’s been subtitled Phoenix Edition, as the game will be resurrected like a phoenix, which is a significant change from the original concept.

Q-Games originally wanted The Tomorrow Children to be a “premium” or pay-to-play game, which they now had the opportunity to redesign, and they’ve implemented many changes to keep the game playable. Microtransactions are off the table, and multiplayer will no longer rely on a central server, as a P2P, peer-to-peer solution has been used so players can connect to each other. The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 also features over forty explorable islands. Mine for resources, search for treasure and rebuild civilization, including never before seen items and new ways to play, according to Q-Games. Not a single tutorial has been left out of the game, so you can learn everything you’ll need to know.

“Today marks a great day for our team here in Kyoto, as we reveal full details of our game’s revival. The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition seemed an appropriate title for the years-long project we embarked on to resurrect The Tomorrow Children for our fans, who never gave up on the game even after it went offline.

We’ve focused on improvements to help those new to the game get started, made changes based on feedback from veteran players and added in a series of new islands, items and ways to play. This wealth of changes allowed us to rebalance the game in new and exciting ways, and I’m already looking forward to visiting player towns when we launch later this year!” said Dylan Cuthbert, founder of Q-Games and game director.

The Tomorrow Children launches this year on PlayStation 5 (with additional features yet to be detailed) and PlayStation 4.

Source: PSL

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