Naraka: Baldepoint For Xbox Game Pass Is Nearly Here [VIDEO]

After making a name for itself on PC in 2021 and recently hitting the 10 million player milestone, Naraka: Bladepoint is finally coming to Xbox Series X/S, debuting on Xbox Game Pass on 23 June.



Naraka: Bladepoint features the “Unchained Multiplayer Combat” battle mode, an exciting combination of melee action and unmatched parkour moves in a unique 60-player battle royale.

Fight your way across the map, take out your opponents and claim victory!

With a unique combination of exciting melee combat and tactical ranged attacks, be prepared to approach situations in different ways. Play alone or with two friends, each with their own unique abilities, Nakara: Bladepoint offers a variety of gameplay flexibility for beginners and veterans of the genre alike.

The release of Naraka: Bladepoint on Xbox X/S also treats players to a new weapon: the double blade. These devastating weapons can inflict massive damage on your opponents, while you can charge up your attacks for maximum effect.

If that’s not enough, a campaign mode is coming soon to Naraka: Bladepoint: in teams of three, you’ll have to fight new enemies and bosses in an exciting scenario. And this is just the beginning of the campaign mode: fresh and exciting campaign chapters will follow in the future.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass on 23 June.

The developers aim to bring a whole new experience to Xbox Series X/S consoles. Along with its arrival on Xbox Game Pass on 23 June, now is the perfect time to battle it out with players on other platforms worldwide. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s been revealed that Xbox One gamers will also be able to play Naraka: Bladepoint later this year!


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