Maxis, Developer of The Sims, is Looking for Staff for a New IP ?

EA Maxis, the studio behind the acclaimed The Sims series, is working on a brand new IP, according to the developer’s job listings posted on the EA Careers website.


First noticed by a user on Reddit, a series of job applications at EA Maxis reveal that the studio is developing a “new, yet-to-be-announced title”, which requires a number of people specifically experts in creating “great user experiences for the new IP”. Unfortunately, little further information is given on what this new project might be, although the listings seem to emphasise the development of “real-world visuals”, including “smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions”.

There is also talk of “launching a live service” which, given EA’s history with the release of Anthem, probably doesn’t sound like good news for long-time Maxis fans. So could it be The Sims 5? Currently, we don’t know if the studio will support the new chapter of the life simulator with a new original IP as we don’t know what kind of game it is yet.

Probably, since the game has not been announced yet, it is likely that the future IP will arrive, as well as on PC, on the next-generation consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. What do you think?

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