Though Struggling With Critics, Thor: Love And Thunder Is Expected To Be A Box Office Smash

MOVIE NEWS – Thor: Love and Thunder may have been hard to please, but it seems that many people love Thor’s return.



The first reviews of Thor: Love and Thunder continued the current Marvel trend of mixed reviews of what was predicted to be a huge box office hit. Like other recent releases, such as Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, Thor: Love and Thunder is struggling to perform in the eyes of critics, but that hasn’t stopped predictions pointing to a worldwide debut of over $300 million for the return of Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder.

According to the latest estimates, the latest instalment in the Marvel Universe is expected to have a US opening of $140-160 million, with overseas territories pushing that total to over $300 million, if all is true.

While that’s all good for Kevin Feige and the MCU team, there’s already a trend for Marvel movies to have outstanding opening weekends, with fans flocking to the film before the internet is full of spoilers on every corner and suffering a significant drop-off in the coming weeks. Because of this, while films like Doctor Strange 2 blew up at the box office on opening weekend, they just failed to cross the $1 billion mark in the long run.

However, compared to the previous Thor films, Love and Thunder will undoubtedly produce the biggest opening of any of Hemsworth’s solo movies, beating the previous instalments. However, it is not guaranteed to put the Marvel studio back on track for the $1 billion mark, as casual viewers may wait for the film on Disney+ due to the feeble critical response.


Disappointing reviews


While it’s too early to say too much about the success of Thor: Love and Thunder, early reviews – including ours – gave the film a very mediocre rating, resulting in an average score hovering around 70%. This currently puts it at the lower end of the scale compared to the rest of the MCU and far below the 93% score achieved by Chris Hemsworth’s previous solo film, Thor: Ragnarok.

Of course, there’s still plenty of time for those numbers to change as more reviews come in, and based on past performances, Marvel Studios really doesn’t need to worry about what critics think of the film. Often, they expect much more from the MCU than just one-time viewers or even fans. In addition, aspects other than the film, such as the perception of LGBTQ+ issues among some extreme “fans”, are taken into account when making their judgements. In contrast, the majority of the general public is more willing to make up their own minds about the film’s release rather than relying solely on the word of others.

While it doesn’t appear that Thor: Love and Thunder could fall so far as to replace Thor: Dark World as the lowest-rated film in the Marvel Universe, with a 66% approval rating, it has once again proven that when it comes to something of the scale of the MCU, it seems to be getting harder and harder to please everyone.


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