Will We Be Able To Play Bayonetta 3 “Censored”?!

PlatinumGames has revealed that Bayonetta 3 will feature an optional censor mode that replaces some of the game’s graphic elements.



Fans will be able to try Bayonetta 3 later this year. It’s one of PlatinumGames’ most anticipated releases on Switch, with players getting a sneak peek at the game during a Nintendo Direct last fall. The hype around the game was further heightened when the latest trailer for Bayonetta 3 revealed the release date, confirming that it would arrive towards the end of October.

Although the trailer showed the action and character models in their original look, PlatinumGames revealed that there is an optional “censored” mode for specific players.

PlatinumGames itself announced this mode in a tweet: it’s called “Naive Angel” mode, and when turned on, it obscures certain elements that might show a little too much of Bayonetta, such as when it performs its Wicked Weave attacks. Instead of Bayonetta being stripped entirely naked, she will be covered by a bodysuit. This also applies to Bayonetta’s Masquerade transformation, the tweet is accompanied by a video showing the difference between whether or not the mode is turned on in Bayonetta 3.

This mode is supposed to be entirely optional and will help appeal to a broader demographic who the game’s overly sexual content might somewhat put off. Amusingly, PlatinumGames hints that this mode is best for “playing it right in your living room” without confusing the game with something else (or giving grandpa a heart attack). Fans have noted that this mode is similar to how Bayonetta was handled in the Super Smash Bros. series, with some even calling it “Smash Bros.” Smash Bros. mode.

This mode will likely allow Bayonetta 3 to reach a wider audience without alienating fans who enjoyed the risky elements of the series. With only a few months to go until release, PlatinumGames is doing a lot to attract as many eyes as possible to the game, and this mode is one way of doing that.

Source: Twitter

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