Why Did Quantic Dream Break PS Exclusivity? The Founder Answers

David Cage says Quantic Dream is not parting ways with PlayStation in anger…



Quantic Dream is 25 years old, and to mark the occasion, 3DJuegos has conducted an exclusive interview with the legendary studio’s executives. As well as visiting the company and meeting the people behind Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, they also interviewed the company’s director and founder, David Cage, who discussed their split with PlayStation Studios. In this regard, Cage showed a very kind face to those who had been his partners for over twelve years.

Heavy Rain, Beyond and Detroit, none of these games could have been made without PlayStation.

“Working with PlayStation has been amazing,” admitted the head of Quantic Dream, “when we started working with them, we were a tiny studio. We were talking about when we started working on Heavy Rain in 2007. And they’ve been incredibly supportive; they’ve given us all the creative freedom we’ve wanted, they’ve supported every project we’ve done for twelve years, and it’s been an incredible journey together. He stressed that everyone in the team is very proud of everything we have achieved together… None of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human would have been possible without their support.”

“However, after twelve years of working together, there’s a point where there’s also a desire to do different things and work differently. We first thought about moving into cross-platform territory with our games because we were working on PlayStation.” He wanted to explain the current situation: “We thought it would be nice if Quantic Dream could reach more people, not just the users who have a PlayStation.”

“We wanted to explore different types of games and different things, and we wanted to make more games at once, which was really the desire of the team themselves, who loved what they were doing, but thought that maybe they could realise the many ideas that they had”, which, it seems, was not possible in the PlayStation space.

“We thought it would be nice if Quantic Dream could reach more people, not just the users who have a PlayStation.” – David Cage

“There also comes a time when you think, ‘Okay, we’ve been working with publishers for 20 years, and they’re taking the financial risk by backing your project. They put money on the table, and if the game is unsuccessful, they lose it. So it’s only fair that they get the lion’s share of the cake’, but we got to the point where we thought we might want to invest that money and have the whole cake for ourselves.” He clarified that the decision was not a personal one and was made with the whole team in mind, as everyone at Quantic Dream is also a shareholder in the company, “so the success of the studio benefits everyone on the team.”

“It was a collective decision to take more risks and believe in ourselves to get a bigger piece of the pie. NetEase joined us and invested in the company for new projects and financing, and we became a publisher, publishing our games and doing all the marketing, communication and creative work; but we also publish games from other studios, which we also consider important.”

Source: 3DJuegos

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