Has Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Release Month Been Leaked?

Congratulations to Electronic Arts and Respawn for trying to get the word out too early via PlayStation Network.


PlayStation Game Size keeps track of upcoming games’ size and release date and can extract this information from PlayStation Network data. With the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order now on our PlayStation Network wishlist and the game also showing up on Steam, we’re getting ready to play the single-player adventure on all platforms (remember, the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order surprised even Electronic Arts, so they’re not pushing the live service model everywhere THAT much…).

The PlayStation Game Size tweeted that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released in March, and since the game has already appeared on Sony and Valve’s digital platforms, we may see more of it in August, as this is a trend that Electronic Arts usually follows (who cancelled this year’s EA Play Live, where we would have heard about Respawn’s project…).

Electronic Arts’ overview follows: “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the next chapter of the beloved Star Wars action-adventure series chronicling the journey of Jedi Cal Kestis. Developed by the veteran team at Respawn under the leadership of game director Stig Asmussen, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will expand upon the iconic Star Wars stories, worlds, characters, and thrilling combat first experienced in the series’ debut title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is being built for the current generation of gaming hardware to create a deeper and more expansive Star Wars experience for players worldwide when the game launches in 2023.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor picks up five years after the events of Jedi: Fallen Order. Cal must stay one step ahead of the Empire’s constant pursuit as he begins to feel the weight of being one of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy. Accompanied by his trusty companion BD-1, Cal will meet and ally himself with an array of unique and interesting characters on his journey. Jedi: Survivor will expand on the series’ dynamic combat in new and innovative ways. To survive, Cal must learn new skills and grow his connection with the Force.”

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will officially launch in 2023, reportedly in March for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (Steam).

Source: WCCFTech

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