“Doctors Say There Is No Chance She Will Survive” – Says Spokesman For the Family of Anne Heche, Who Died in a Car Accident a Week Ago

MOVIE NEWS – About a week ago, Anne Heche was involved in a serious car accident. The actress is known to the public for her roles in the film Six Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford, the remake of Psycho and, more recently, for her appearances in various TV series.


The actress drove into a house in the Mar Vista neighbourhood of Los Angeles and set her car on fire. Following the accident, 59 firefighters tried to contain the blaze. It took a total of 65 minutes to safely extricate Heche, who was still able to communicate at the time, from the wreckage. He was then immediately taken to hospital in a critical condition with severe burns and shortly afterwards fell into a coma from which he has not since awoken.

At the time, a close friend/relative who asked not to be named said that the actress had a long recovery process ahead of her, but unfortunately, the situation took a turn for the worse. On 8 August, it was revealed that Heche was in “extremely critical condition”, her lungs were severely damaged (probably from inhaling hot air) and the burns on her skin would have to be surgically repaired.

The situation has deteriorated, and he was recently declared brain dead, so his relatives have decided to release him. For the time being, he is being kept on a ventilator as his organs that were not damaged in the accident are being donated to those waiting for a transplant.
Heche’s car after the accident. Source: Prerana TV

“We would like to thank everyone for their good wishes and prayers for Anne’s recovery, and to the dedicated hospital team, the wonderful nurses for taking care of Anne (…). Unfortunately, Anne Heche suffered a severe anoxic brain injury due to the accident and is in critical condition, in a coma. Doctors say she has no chance of survival.”

She had long ago decided to donate her organs following her death, so they are currently keeping her alive to determine if any of them are suitable for transplant.

Anne had a huge heart, and whoever she met, she always touched them with her giving personality. She was an exceptionally talented actress, but her life’s purpose was mostly to bring kindness and joy into the lives of others, and she did much to make people accept those they loved. She will forever be remembered for her courageous honesty and will be greatly missed for her brilliance.”

Source: Variety

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