The Person Who Removed P.T. Also Spoke Out On Its Anniversary!

She was responsible for its removal from the PlayStation Network but no longer works for the Japanese publisher, which many still look down upon.


At the time, the person, who went by the name Pearl L, was the first-party lead and spoke out in several tweets about her dealings around P.T. She has since set his profile to private, but we still got to know what was going on. She was instrumental in getting P.T. to show up on the PlayStation Store, so she had to implement the fake publisher and developer on Sony’s digital platform.

“I helped get this product set up on the storefronts, fake publisher and everything, and I was the one who had to call Sony and ask them to take it down and block redownloads. That was a super fun conversation,” she wrote. She then responded to her followers and revealed that Sony engineers had to figure out how to prevent P.T. from being downloaded again, which was somewhat embarrassing because the company had already used several “operational exceptions” to prevent PlayStation Network listings… but Pearl said she still found working with Sony fantastic.

She added, “Believe me, I wish it had gone differently, too. It was fun to be plotting this secret cool thing for the fans. It was amazing to see everyone come together to try to figure out the experience and see them come away with so much love for it!” Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4-exclusive Playable Teaser (or P.T. for short) is no longer available unless you downloaded it to your PS4.

Guillermo del Toro also commemorated the eight years since P.T. first appeared on PlayStation Store at the weekend, and we’ve written more about it here. If anyone, he must have been pissed off by the mentality of Konami, which for a long time after that only burned itself with pachinko in the West (Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid pachinkos…), and the only games to pop up around console PC were Pro Evolution Soccer (now eFootball) and the not-so-successful Metal Gear: Survive.

Source: PSL

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