“F*ck Konami” – Tweeted Guillermo del Toro Once Again Over the Cancellation of PT

Guillermo del Toro responded to Kojima’s PT tweet with an implied “f*ck Konami”.


It’s been eight years since PT was released on the PlayStation Store. The digital-only demo was a teaser for a new Silent Hills game. However, during the tumultuous times between Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami, the game was cancelled, and they parted ways because of it. Kojima’s close friend and famous film director Guillermo del Toro was also involved in the project. In a recent tweet reply to Kojima, del Toro made it clear that he was still furious at Konami.

Guillermo del Toro wrote “F.K.” in response to Kojima’s tweet celebrating/lamenting PT’s eighth anniversary.

Anyone familiar with the very public breakup between Kojima and Konami may be familiar with the phrase “F*ck Konami” that del Toro is referring to here. #FuckKonami” was a popular trending hashtag at the time of Konami and Kojima’s breakup.

A quick glance at del Toro’s tweet responses shows that the old expletive is back as a hashtag. Apparently, some fans still remember the drama.

Those lucky enough to still have PT installed on their PS4 can re-watch it as often as they like. However, for those who no longer have it downloaded, the game is lost forever as it is no longer stored on PlayStation’s servers (at least not publicly).

After Silent Hills was cancelled, Kojima set up his own studio, Kojima Productions, and made Death Stranding. Despite Guillermo del Toro saying he would never be involved in video games again, the filmmaker starred in Death Stranding as Deadman, one of the characters supporting Norman Reedus’ Sam. You can read our review of the new PS5 edition of Death Stranding here.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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