Redfall: The Creators Promise A Map Of Staggering Scale! [VIDEO]

Redfall’s open world is so big that it dwarfs the entire map of Prey by just one mission location…



In a new video shared during QuakeCon 2022, Arcane developers sat down to talk about various topics related to Redfall, and at one point, the size of the game’s map was mentioned.

“Speaking to the size, I think the Talos in Prey was five football fields, and the size of Redfall is kind of ‘hold my beer’,” art director Karen Segars said with a laugh. “So we definitely challenged the whole team with making something this big.”

To put it into some context, studio director Harvey Smith interjected with a memory from the early stages of the game’s development that might open your eyes to just how big this map is:

“I remember early on there was a moment we were working on District 2, which is a little more rural, and Jim McGill took Talos at scale and dropped it in the middle of the farm that’s there.”

“The the district just eats the whole space station, of course. It’s gigantic.”

“It was just the size of the actual farm area, and that’s just like one mission,” added lead producer Aaron Carter.

Given that Prey itself has a pretty sizable open world, it’s certainly impressive to hear that the single location on Redfall’s map is much larger than the whole of Talos. With that in mind, the game is undoubtedly Arcane’s biggest game to date in terms of map size, but we’ll have to wait and see if the game will be as immersive as the studio’s previous efforts.

Redfall is expected to be released for Xbox Series X and PC in the first half of 2023.

Source: YouTube

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