High On Life: Could Rick And Morty’s Creators New Shooter Be Delayed?!

The release of High on Life, the crazy-looking shooter that’s coming to Xbox and PC later this year, has been delayed until 13 December, to be precise.



Squanch Games – the studio led by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland – initially set High on Life for release in October 2022, meaning this delay pushes the release back by roughly six weeks. It sounds like a little more time is needed for polishing.

“We have good news and bad news. Feel free to choose the option you’d prefer to read first; we won’t meddle with your free will,” reads the update shared on the game’s official Twitter account.

“The good news: High on Life is still coming in 2022! Squanch Games is working hard toward developing the best gaming experience to hit your screens, and a little extra time to squash some bugs never hurts.”

As you’d expect from a game from Roiland, High on Life is packed full of absurd comedy and big sci-fi ideas, all wrapped around a first-person shooter framework with Metroidvanias elements. You’ll take on the role of an intergalactic bounty hunter tasked with taking down an alien cartel that uses human life energy to get high.

The announcement trailer looked something like Psychonauts in the middle of an acid trip.

So High On Life will be released on 13 December 2022 and will be an Xbox “console launch exclusive”, leaving open the possibility of a future release on other platforms – PC, for example, has already been announced.

Source: Twitter

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