Sacha Baron Cohen Will Reportedly Play the Most Evil Marvel Villain in an Upcoming MCU Series

MOVIE NEWS – It has long been speculated that Mephisto will appear in WandaVision. Now, a new rumour has it that Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen will reportedly play Mephisto in an upcoming MCU project.


Two years ago, some people were still expecting the villain Mephisto, played by Christian Bale in Thor 4, and then many were expecting the appearance of the satanic antagonist in WandaVision. Now, rumour has it that Mephisto will make his MCU debut in Ironheart, coming to Disney+ in late 2023, and will be played by none other than Ali G and Borat’s Sacha Baron Cohen.

Comic Book Movie and The Direct have both reported, citing leaks circulating online, that Marvel Studios has reportedly reached an agreement with the comedian/actor for the series and the role. The title character in Ironheart will be played by Dominique Thorne, who will make his debut in the upcoming Black Panther 2 and will be a sort of heir apparent to Iron Man. It was previously rumoured that the Disney+ series’ villain would be The Hood, played by Anthony Ramos. Still, rumours have it that he will also get his powers from Mephisto and may be responsible for the misguided turn of The Hood, who will be Ironheart’s sidekick at the start. Or, if the rumours are true, Mephisto might just show up in Ironheart, only to be revealed in a later film.

The Cosmic Book reports that Mephisto, who debuted in Marvel’s 1968 comics, will be linked to the story of Ironheart through his son Blackheart in the 2016 Champions comic. In it, an android named Viv Vision falls in love with Riri Williams (aka Ironheart), but she rejects him because of his homophobia, and Blackheart’s machinations cause him to try to kill Viv Vision.

So no official confirmation from Marvel has been received yet, and there is a good chance that none will be forthcoming until the series premieres in just over a year. In the meantime, Cohen’s Mephisto should be treated with caution. But similar rumours have been proven true many times. For example, Jonathan Majors was rumoured to be playing Kang long before the season finale of Loki. Sacha Baron Cohen has played comically negative characters (e.g. Sweeney Todd’s Pirelli), but he’s not your typical villain. Let’s hope that if he gets the role of Mephisto, he won’t be a buffoon.

Source:  TheDirect


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