Disco Elysium: Several Developers May Have Been Forced To Leave After The Game’s Release?!

One of the creators of Disco Elysium has sued the development studio after several team members allegedly left the studio “against their will”.



Disco Elysium has established itself as one of the must-see RPGs for all genre fans. However, it has recently been back in the news due to problems between the authors and the development studio ZA/UM. As one of the people responsible for the game explained on social media, the key characters of the title had left the company “against their will”. The dissolution of ZA/UM as a cultural association followed this (not to be confused with the company itself).

Personalities such as Martin Lugia (co-founder and editor), Helen Hindpere (scriptwriter) and Alexander Rostov (art director) have left the studio.

However, one of the members involved, Robert Kurvits, is ready to fight back in court, as shown in his statement of claim filed on the official Estonian court website (via Tech News Space).

The lawsuit does not explain why Kurvits wants to fight ZA/UM. However, many suspect a battle for the intellectual property of Disco Elysium. For the time being, we will have to follow the development of the case, the first hearing of which will take place on 28 November.


The Disco Elysium studio is already developing its next game


Members who have left ZA/UM claim that their departure will affect the experience of the sequel. But the developer is ignoring them and moving ahead with its projects. In this spirit, the video game developer has already confirmed that it is working on a new title that will take us into a sci-fi universe.

For its part, the creation by Lugia, Kurvits, Hindpere, Rostov and others continues to position itself as an RPG so good that it is impossible not to recommend it to all fans of the genre. To learn more about this game with dozens of options, we encourage you to read our review of Disco Elysium.

Source: Tech News Space

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