Team Ninja Statement: Could There Be A New Ninja Gaiden Or Dead Or Alive Reboot?!

Team Ninja has clarified rumours of a Ninja Gaiden or Dead or Alive reboot in a new statement following the studio’s G-Star panel.



Team Ninja commented on rumours surrounding the upcoming Dead or Alive reboot at the recent G-Star show in Korea. During the studio’s panel during G-Star, a slide titled “Reboots of Popular Series” during the presentation sparked rumours of a significant reboot from the developer. Both the fighting game and the studio’s titular Ninja Gaiden were hinted at during the show. And fans speculated whether a reboot of the games could be in the works. However, Team Ninja has since sought to dispel the rumours swirling around the panel.

Both franchises are among Team Ninja’s most popular IPs, and both series have a long history.

In a recent statement to the VGC gaming publication, Team Ninja clarified the comments made by company president Fumihiko Yasuda. The studio is reportedly considering a remake or reboot of the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchises. However, the developer is unable to share any specifics about the games. Although Team Ninja has denied specific details, for now, it has not entirely ruled out the possibility of a remake. They stated that they “share the enthusiasm” for the return of franchises.

A reboot or remake of the Ninja Gaiden franchise would be a long-awaited return for a franchise that has been sleeping the Sleeping Beauty dream for a very long time.

While Dead or Alive got its latest instalment in 2019, the last main series episode was 2012’s Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. However, the 3D Ninja Gaiden trilogy was recently brought to modern platforms with the release of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection last year.

While Team Ninja has temporarily quashed rumours surrounding a possible reboot, the developer has given fans plenty of reasons to be excited about their other franchises. Nioh has been a significant success for them as a PlayStation exclusive, with Nioh 2 in 2020 being nominated for Best Action Game at The Game Awards. The developer will also have a brand new IP coming out next year called Wo Longgal: Fallen Dynasty, a Souls-style game set in the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Source: VGC

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