An AAA Alien Title May Be in Development

A new video game in the Alien franchise is rumored to be in the works, raising hopes that Creative Assembly is working on an Alien: Isolation sequel.


Another AAA Alien game, which some hope will be the long-awaited sequel to 2014’s Alien: Isolation, is rumored to be in development. There have been many video games based on the Alien movies over the years, but Creative Assembly’s suspenseful survival horror game raised the bar to a level many believe has not been reached.

Another installment in the franchise is already in development, Aliens: Dark Descent by Tindalos Interactive and Disney’s 20th Century Games. Although the world premiere trailer in June made many fans hopeful, Dark Descent will be a top-down real-time strategy game and may not have the same impact as a first- or third-person action game for some.

This is where the rumors about the project codenamed Marathon come into play. According to Insider Gaming, anonymous sources have provided documents to support their claim that a new AAA Aliens game is developing for current-gen consoles. Marathon, whose developer has not yet been announced, is expected to be released during the 2023 holiday season and will be a survival horror game inspired by the Dead Space and Resident Evil franchises. Other than that, not much is known about the mysterious Alien game.

However, these tidbits, combined with other confirmed industry information, have led some to cautiously speculate that Project Marathon could be the follow-up to Alien: Isolation that fans have been craving since 2014. That game’s developer, Creative Assembly, clearly states in its Twitter bio that it’s working on “two new, unannounced projects.” And indeed, the source leaking from Marathon also said that a sequel to Alien: Isolation has either been proposed or is already in development.

However, the wording of the leaked information raises the possibility that Marathon and the rumored Alien: Isolation sequel are two different beasts. The sources backed up their claims with documentation and even concept drawings and said the Marathon is “under development.” Alien: Isolation’s game status seems to have been less definitively described.

Creative Assembly is already known to be working on the team-player multiplayer shooter Hyenas, which is being developed together with Sega. And as for what could be one of the unannounced games, Creative Assembly is primarily known for its extensive list of Total War games. The most recent of these, Total War: Warhammer 3, was released in February 2022, and the company has consistently released entries in the franchise almost annually for the past 10 years. So an unannounced project is still up in the air, and it seems plausible that it could be another Alien game.

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