God Of War: Ragnarök: Could It Be Possible That We Don’t Get DLCs At All?!

Anyone hoping for God of War: Ragnarök to get some meaningful DLC may want to lower their expectations.



According to the game’s director, it’s unlikely that God of War: Ragnarök will receive any significant DLC or expansion. The game was released earlier this month to rave reviews. So much so that it was the second highest-rated game of 2022. It is up for several awards at The Game Awards, including Game of the Year.

Reviews of Ragnarök have been almost universally positive, with many praising the game as a worthy successor to the famous 2018 game.

Some genuinely dedicated fans have already earned God of War Ragnarök’s platinum trophy and may be hungry for a new adventure via a DLC expansion, but they should temper their expectations.

The game’s director, Eric Williams, recently appeared on the Kinda Funny Games podcast. When asked if there will be DLC for God of War: Ragnarok, Williams said he “wouldn’t count on it” due to the size of the game. “I think we put everything we had into it,” he said. While this may be disappointing news for some fans, others may have already assumed that Ragnarok would not receive DLC.

The 2018 God of War game was a huge success, but it didn’t get DLC, either. Although the developers considered making an add-on, they ultimately scrapped the idea. However, they did support the game with post-launch updates. They also added some new features and helped to extend the game’s lifespan.

One of the trendy features added to the first game after launch was the New Game Plus mode, which allowed players to replay the story using the gear they had acquired during the first playthrough.

Ragnarök does not currently have a New Game Plus mode. But it is certainly possible that the feature will be added to the game sometime in an update. Just like it was with the 2018 game. However, plans to do so have not yet been announced at the time of writing.

It is not yet clear what the future holds for God of War: Ragnarök. However, fans can expect some updates to the game. Of course, these may focus primarily on addressing lingering issues or fixing bugs. However, there may also be some that add New Game Plus or other features to the game. However, based on Williams’ comments, it doesn’t seem like there’s much reason to hope for a more massive DLC.

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