According to Renfield’s Director, he Plays Nicolas Cage’s Dracula as a “Sh*tty Boss”

MOVIE NEWS – Renfield promises to be one of the most interesting films of 2023, as Nicolas Cage will bring a completely different kind of Dracula to life.


When it was announced that Nicolas Cage would be playing the latest incarnation of Dracula in the Universal Monsters reboot Renfield, it was clear that he would be unlike any Dracula before him. Now that more details have been revealed about the horror-comedy adaptation of the classic characters from Bram Stoker’s gothic novel, director Chris McKay has revealed exactly how Cage’s vampire will appear in the film.

Renfield is Universal’s latest reimagining of the classic Universal Monsters IP and hopes to follow on from the success of 2020’s The Invisible Man. The film is directed by The LEGO Batman Movie director McKay and written by Rick & It is written by Ryan Ridley, known for Morty, and the idea itself comes from the suggestion of Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead. Add to that Cage playing Dracula, Nicholas Hoult playing his sleazy henchman R.M. Renfield, and Awkwafina playing Renfield’s love interest, and it’s hard to ignore.

Although this won’t be the usual Dracula tale, as the focus is on the title character Renfield for the first time, McKay promised that there will be some menace from the vampire played by Cage, but basically he’s just a “sh*t boss”. He told Empire this;

“We’re going to do something different. We’re going away from what you’d typically think of a Dracula movie: modern, and from Dracula’s point of view as a f***ing boss. [It’s] not a straight-up comedy. There’s definitely a tongue-in-cheek suggestion — what if the would your boss literally be the boss from hell?” – but it also has action, it has a lot of heart, and it’s not without threats either”.


Will Nicolas Cage be a good Dracula?


This question always arises when dealing with one of the most seen characters in literature. Everyone from Béla Lugosi and Christopher Lee to Leslie Nielsen to Morgan Freeman has already played the character, will Nicolas Cage be able to do another iconic interpretation of the iconic count? According to his co-star Nicholas Hoult, it is possible, as he had only words of praise for the actor. Filming on the film wrapped in April this year, and Hoult previously said:

“Yes, the second Nic Cage experience was incredible. I got to work with him when I was 14. I played his son in The Weatherman and I felt very lucky to be able to shoot with him again because I’m a big fan of his. But to be able to work with him while He played Dracula, I don’t think there are two things more iconic than Dracula and Nic Cage, so to put those together and to play with him in the scenes and just watch his inspiration and everything that he brought to the character, his fun, his commitment, his love for acting, I just loved every moment of it.”

Renfield will debut in theaters on April 14, 2023.

Source: MovieWeb

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