Could Twitter Follow Epic Games’ Route?

TECH NEWS – Incredibly, Elon Musk may turn against Apple for the same reason Tim Sweeney did!


It sounds a bit silly, but it could happen: Twitter could side with Epic Games. The last date we heard was November 29, when the new Twitter Blue subscriptions were due to start, but that didn’t happen as the drama surrounding the service took a new turn. The postponement is indefinite, as Elon Musk aims to circumvent Apple’s 30% profit margin on in-app purchases. Sound familiar? Epic Games tried to do the same with Fortnite, and Apple banned the game from the platform, which led to a lawsuit, and we are waiting for the second round of it, as both companies appealed the decision. The same could happen with Twitter.

Platform wrote about this delay, which is not the first in the history of Twitter Blue. Musk has previously mentioned that there won’t just be blue ticks, as he is also planning gold and silver versions for government or corporate Twitter accounts. This plan shows how ill-thought-out the original model of Twitter Blue was, and the fact that Apple’s microtransaction profit margin is something the company wants to embrace will not be an easy task to implement. It didn’t work for Epic Games, either.

If Twitter tries to cut Apple out of the equation, the tech company will kick Musk out of the Apple App Store in no time, and knowing the new owner of the social media platform, a lawsuit could follow, but then who knows how Epic Games would stack up alongside Twitter. (Google could later filter Twitter out of the Play Store, where Epic has stepped on the tech company’s toes for the same reason.)

So Twitter’s financial position must be weak if thirty percent of subscriptions count for that much.

Source: WCCFTech

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