Michelle Yeoh, Star Of The Witcher: Blood Origin, Comments On Geralt’s Replacement!

MOVIE NEWS – Michelle Yeoh, star of the upcoming spinoff of The Witcher, has revealed that Liam Hemsworth will take over the role of Geralt.



There will be a significant change in The Witcher when season 3 arrives on Netflix in 2023. As previously announced, Henry Cavill will leave the series after working on season 3. However, this does not mean that the distributor will cancel the series. Instead, The Witcher season 4 has been renewed without Cavill, as Liam Hemsworth has been brought in to take over the role of Geralt of Rivia.

Because Cavill was so revered in the role, many fans were outraged by the casting change.

The backlash has now reached Michelle Yeoh, star of The Witcher: Blood Origin, the spinoff of the series. As her series is a prequel series, it will not star Geralt. However, Yeoh has still given his take on how he will move forward with the base series with Hemsworth as Geralt. While he praises Cavill, Yeoh is open to seeing how Hemsworth fares in the role. He suggests that the actor deserves a decent chance to work in the role. According to E! News, Yeoh said:

“I think Henry did such an amazing job. Let’s see what Liam has to bring, right? That’s how it is.”

In a separate interview with ET, Yeoh added:

“Henry did such a fabulous job with it, and he made The Witcher come to life, and we love the series. I love the series because of Henry. But now, we’ll see. I think Liam will bring great things, too. There’s always something to look forward to.”

The first two seasons of The Witcher are available to stream on Netflix, with the third season arriving in 2023; no exact date has been announced. As for Michelle Yeoh and The Witcher: Blood Origin, you can watch the spinoff after its premiere on Netflix on December 25, 2022.

Source: E! News

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