World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Could An Unexpected Character Return?! [VIDEO]

The World of Warcraft quest, unlocked through the Valdrakken Accord, brings back an unexpected character from the annals of history in Dragonflight.



World of Warcraft is preparing for the return of an unexpected character through a Renown campaign in the Dragonflight expansion. This chapter of WoW history will be unlocked through the Hall of Fame in Dragonflight.

Warning: the following contains traces of Dragonflight spoilers!

In the story quest unlocked through the Valdrakken Accord Renown chain in Dragonflight, called The Silver Purpose, players help the Aspects delve into the secrets left behind by Tyr, the Titan Keeper responsible for fortifying the Dragon Riders.

The events of the mission series suggest that the fallen Keeper will return in some form in the future.

After completing the Halls of Infusion dungeon in Dragonflight and reaching level 11 Renown with the Valdrakken Accord, players will witness the scene from the Aspects’ past where Tyr was last seen before his death. During the scene, Tyr left a particular scale with the Aspects that he knew would come in handy in the future. After inadvertently activating a holographic message from Tyr, the Aspects take the scales to Tyr’s forge, where they use the titanium mechanisms to forge a new body for Keeper Tyr.

Unfortunately, Tyr’s lifeless body lacks Tyr’s memories and spirit. The disks are left in the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dragonflight dungeon. They can activate this new Tyr. But players cannot retrieve them during the instance. Alexstrasza and the other Aspects are determined to find a way to bring back their fallen friend to help them regain their powers and defeat the Primalists.

Players are curious to see if Tyr might return to World of Warcraft somehow.

The Titan Keeper is an important historical figure in Warcraft history who gave power to the Aspects. He inspired the formation of the Knights of the Silver Hand. The possibility of his return to the spotlight could bring the most ancient mysteries of WoW history within players’ reach.

However, some players are not confident in the Titan Keeper’s return. Within Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr, the latest revelations from the lore books. It seems that Tyr’s motives and methods for empowering dragonflights may have been less than clear. Even despite their apparent camaraderie during the mission. Until World of Warcraft releases more patches and storylines for Dragonflight, players will have to speculate about the next step for Tyr and the Dragon Aspects.

Source: Wowhead

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