The Passage House bursts into song – Dávid Miller’s music video with the film’s hit song has arrived

MOVIE NEWS – It is becoming more and more clear to cinema fans why the Passage House, which will be released in domestic cinemas in December, will be an unmissable film. As evidenced by the long trailer that arrived last week, it is rare among romantic films to be as spectacular and imaginative as this one, and now it also turns out that its music is also exceptional.


The creators of Passage House today presented to the public the hit that can be heard during the end credits of the film, which was performed by Dávid Miller  he sings. The title of the romantic track, fittingly for the film and its performer, is Sleepless and it is composed by Dániel Gerendás, the lyrics are Tamás Mórocz, the vocal recording was directed by Barnabás Horváth. Isti Madarász, the director of the film, also had a big part in the birth of the song, which he recalled as follows:

– When I first heard the demo of Álmatlan, Dani Gerendás was “only” humming and humming the raw version of the song, I note, very well. His text wasn’t much yet, just some gibberish with a few meaningful word combinations, but the line “touch me more” was already there. That’s when I knew that we had found our song, that it made my heart skip a beat already half-finished, suddenly everything fit, it simply had a Passage House atmosphere. After Dávid Miller sang the song and I could listen to the ready-mixed version, I jumped out of my skin, I couldn’t bear not to send it to all my friends. I had my own theme song!

was produced by Anna Bartók, and the recordings were managed by none other than the director of the Passage House, >Isti Madarász, who is also one of the most successful young Hungarian filmmakers.

– The video shoot was in a very good mood, Dávid is one of the nicest guys in the whole industry, and he works with such an incredibly good work ethic that it was really a pleasure to work with him. And as is usually the case with projects with a good atmosphere, one thing led to another and, driven by a spontaneous idea, we came up with a ski mask, with which we even managed to film Dávid in the film. I wonder who will find it! – the director told about the filming of the clip.

The main character of the clip is Dávid Miller, but the two main characters of the film are almost as visible as the singer: the two lovers, whom not even death can separate, are played by Vivien Rujder and Péter Bárnai in >Passage House, and therefore in the music video they show how strong their chemistry is – this is clear both in the music video and in the film.

– I’ve played in foreign and Hungarian movies, TV movies, series, I’ve also had many singing dubbing roles, but this is the first time I’ve been able to sing the theme song of a movie. What’s more, I didn’t just sing, but together with my friends Dani Gerendás and Tomi Mórocz, co-authors, we made the em>Sleeplesst for Passage House. It was an exciting project, I trust that this is not the first and also the last time that I can be a part of something like this. Just as, I hope, it can happen at least once more in the future that a movie director shoots a music video for one of my own songs – said the singer of the song, Dávid Miller.

The Passage House is produced by FocusFox with the support of the National Film Institute, András Muhi and Gábor Ferenczy as producers. The screenplay was written by Attila Veres, the cinematographer was Gábor Garai, the visuals were by Péter Horgas , Ibolya Bárdosi was responsible for the costumes, Attila Pacsay was responsible for the music. Zsófia Muhi acted as casting director, Dávid Miller sings the song heard in the end credits. The main roles are played by Vivien Rujder, Péter Bárnai, János Kulka and Erzsébet Kútvölgyi, but she was given an important task Máté Mészáros, Miklós Galla, Miklós Székely B., Attila Bocsárszky, Mari Nagy, László Quitt, Lídia Danis, and the two Cotton Dogs too.

The film can be seen in domestic cinemas from December 8.

Source: Intercom

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