[TGA 2022] Final Fantasy XVI Has Got An Official Release Date & Trailer! [VIDEO]

Final Fantasy XVI’s release date and an epic new trailer were unveiled at this year’s The Game Awards.



Final Fantasy XVI was at The Game Awards as promised. But for those who tuned in to see it, you’ll have to wait. In addition to the Game of the Year award, the show closed with a new trailer for the next game in the Final Fantasy series. We found out when it was coming and even tasted the gloomy atmosphere. The trailer opens with what looks like a brutal murder.

As for Final Fantasy XVI’s release date, it’s confirmed to be June 22, 2023, sticking to the summer window promised by Square Enix.

The game’s epic scale was further showcased in the trailer, introducing Joshua, a young prince filthy with Chocobo blood, whom protagonist Clive protects at the start.

The belief that more of Final Fantasy XVI will be shown at The Game Awards, including confirmation of a release date, began to emerge in late November when the next game in the long-running series was certified in Brazil. When a game is rated somewhere, it usually means big news is coming. This was followed by confirmation that the game would be given a place among the several titles presented at the event and a poem hinting at a release date.

More recently, Square Enix confirmed that although he was the only character shown in gameplay, Clive will not be the only playable character in Final Fantasy XVI.

The following 12 months will be a significant one for Final Fantasy fans.

In less than a week, Crisis Core Reunion will be released, which received mixed reviews a few days ago. It will continue the build-up to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. It looks like it will be released in about a year. Following the events of the Remake, Rebirth was released as the second part of a three-part saga. It was officially unveiled earlier this year and given a name. It was also confirmed that the title of the third and final part would begin with the letter R…

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