Bill Clinton In Elden Ring? Modders Have Produced Another Meme Gem! [VIDEO]

It didn’t take long after the shocking Game Awards moment for Bill Clinton to become immortal as a mod in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring.



A new mod has added Bill Clinton as a playable character in FromSoftware’s open-world epic Elden Ring. The game was recently honoured at The Game Awards 2022, where it took home Game of the Year, among a few other accolades. But meanwhile, a bizarre moment at the end of the awards ceremony also got a lot of attention.

Immediately after Elden Ring director, Hidetaka Miyazaki finished his acceptance speech for Elden Ring’s Game of the Year win, someone sneaked up on stage, walked up to the microphone and “nominated” former US President Bill Clinton for the award.

This strange moment immediately became a widespread internet meme. The modders inspired by the incident wasted no time creating a mod for Elden Ring to include Bill Clinton in the game.

Modder Arestame has shared a clip of their Bill Clinton Elden Ring mod, featuring the 42nd President of the United States running around the Lands Between with a baton. Bill Clinton reveals a bit before getting into a fight. But unfortunately, he can’t deal with the enemy he encounters. Clinton eventually dies, although, in the final clip of the video, he appears to wake up in the tutorial area of the game. The mod is not currently available to download. Still, the video of it has already generated quite a lot of interest and, at the time of writing, has already received over 96,000 likes.

The Elden Ring mods have been a big trend since the game’s release, with modders swapping out character models and making other significant changes to the game.

As far as official content goes, Elden Ring fans can probably expect more on that front. A recent update has opened up the Elden Ring coliseum. Players will now have more PvP options. Miyazaki hinted that the development team is not done with the game yet. Whether this means that fans can expect a full-fledged Elden Ring DLC expansion, as rumoured, is unclear. We, however, hope for the best. The game fully deserves an add-on.

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