LucidGloves: The Technology That Let Us “Feel” In Virtual Reality?! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – A new video posted online has unveiled the LucidGloves virtual reality glove, which uses haptic feedback to allow users to actually “feel” objects in VR.



VR enthusiasts worldwide have been stunned by a stunning TikTok video showing off a homemade haptic glove. LucidGloves reportedly allows users to “feel” objects in VR. Could this incredible project be the future of virtual reality?

After a series of false starts dating back to the 1990s, consumer VR finally got a moment in the spotlight with the launch of Oculus Quest in 2019.

While hobbyist VR headsets have been available for years, Valve’s PC-only powerhouse, Valve Index, launched just a few months later. Oculus Quest is an affordable and easy-to-use introduction to VR for millions of people. Even as the consumer VR space has become more crowded in recent years, VR game controllers have remained relatively unchanged and are still based on traditional console controllers.

In a clip uploaded to TikTok by Linus Tech Tips, tech influencer Linus Sebastian is seen trying out the DIY LucidGloves haptic glove for VR, designed by amateur inventor Lucas De Bonet. The impressive device uses a series of cords and motors to create resistance by pulling back on users’ fingers when they grip an object. This gives the impression of actually grasping something in virtual reality. In the video, Linus is visibly amazed when he picks up a key card in the popular VR game Bonelab and feels the thin profile of the card in his hand.

LucidGloves, the designs of which can be downloaded from the LucidVR GitHub page, first went viral in 2020 when inventor De Bonet unveiled the first version of the glove.

Requiring a 3D printer and roughly $60 worth of hardware to assemble, LucidGloves offers a dramatically cheaper alternative to commercial VR haptics such as Haptx Gloves, which cost nearly $6,000 per pair and require a monthly hardware subscription. The advanced haptics of the PlayStation VR2 controller also shows that innovation in VR control options is still ongoing. However, LucidGloves may offer a glimpse into the future of VR gaming.

The clunky look, limited support for VR gaming and the requirement for users to assemble these gloves themselves clearly narrows the potential user base.

Source: TikTok


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