Dead Island 2: Two More Playable Characters To Join The Zombie-Slaying Madness?!

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver have unveiled two new Dead Island 2 characters who will join the game’s customisable survivors.



Two new Dead Island 2 characters have been unveiled by Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios, with the game’s playable characters opting for a far less grim depiction of the zombie apocalypse than expected. They also reflect this storytelling approach, providing interesting backstories and context to the whole experience.

Surprisingly re-announced in August 2022, Dead Island 2’s marketing has ramped up, focusing on the game’s insanity and excessive violence.

Game Informer had the opportunity to spend some time with Dead Island 2. One of the most notable features of the demo was the choice of two previously unknown characters, Ryan and Dani. Both characters’ backstories reflect the irreverent marketing tone of Dead Island 2. Ryan is a pole dancer with a firefighter’s routine, while Dani is a punk with a penchant for roller derby. Their skills are also well tuned, as Ryan can throw enemies thanks to his stocky build, while Dani can become an explosive heavy-attack berserker.



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The gameplay trailers for the new game make it immediately apparent that the developers don’t want to make a game that takes itself too seriously. Specifically, Ryan was created to play with the idea of an authoritarian figure who doesn’t actually act like one. At least, that’s what the game’s narrative designer, Ayesha Khan, said. But Dani came to California from Ireland, and her background allowed the team to create a unique personality type. Significantly when, they enhance her berserker tendencies.

The recent delay for Dead Island 2 may seem relatively short, as the game was actually only delayed by 12 weeks, but fans of the original title have been waiting for something to happen with the IP for quite some time.

The game was initially announced over a decade ago. Although it has spent a good part of that time in development hell, the public is curious to see what Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios will finally do with it.

One of the biggest problems the game faces is the fact that the spiritual successor to the original Dead Island, Dying Light, was released to critical acclaim. What’s more, it has since received a relatively well-received sequel. Dead Island 2 needs unique features to differentiate itself from its competitors. But it remains to be seen whether they can deliver. Yet a crazier approach to design and gameplay from the developers would help achieve this goal.

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