Will John Krasinski Return as Mr Fantastic? The Actor Has Now Answered!

MOVIE NEWS – John Krasinski has revealed that he is not in talks to return as Mr. Fantastic, meaning he probably won’t appear in the Fantastic Four.


John Krasinski was one of the many surprises that excited audiences when he unexpectedly appeared as Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) in Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange multiverse of madness. Unfortunately, Krasinski’s brief appearance as Mr. Fantastic may have been his last, even though a new Fantastic Four movie is coming in 2025.

Krasinski played a version of Reed Richards, who surprisingly crossed paths with Doctor Strange in an alternate universe. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness pitted the titular sorcerer against various versions of himself and his famous companions in a series of chaotic encounters. The appearance of Richards in an alternate universe indicates that there are other versions of him, so a recast is easily explored, especially since Krasinski’s version of Richards died painfully on screen.

As reported by The Wrap, Krasinski shed some light on the status of his relationship with the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the press day for Amazon Prime’s Jack Ryan , which Krasinski will lead as the titular character in its third season. Krasinski revealed that the needle has yet to move on his return to the role of Mr. Fantastic, indicating that a recast is believed to be in the works. “There are no discussions at all, the only discussion I had was actually during the penultimate week of ‘Jack Ryan,'” Krasinski stated.

Despite the unfortunate news, Krasinski’s official departure from the role remains unconfirmed. Fantastic Four casting decisions are uncertain, and there are no signs that anyone other than Krasinski will lead the remarkable role. The excitement of the audience when Krasinski appeared in the role of Mr. Fantastic cannot be ignored by the Marvel studio, but if the decision does not affect Krasinski in advance, the Jack Ryan star reportedly found the experience memorable. “It was an honor to do it,” Krasinski said. “I’m a big fan of those characters and that world, so to play in that sandbox for a day was a real thrill.”

Fantastic Four has been in a whirlwind of change, but things are moving in a promising direction. Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts was signed on to direct the project, but he backed out of the position later filled by WandaVision director Matt Shakman. The film will introduce the MCU’s sixth phase; the original release date was November 8, 2024, but this has also been pushed back. The long-awaited film now wants to hit theaters in 2025. Casting decisions aren’t on the horizon anytime soon, giving fans some time to hold on to the idea that Krasinski might return to the role once more.

Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters on February 14, 2025. John Krasinski last appeared on the small screen in we saw it in the third season of Jack Ryan.

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