New Dead Island 2 Trailer Introduces One of the Controllable Zombie Killer Characters

Dead Island 2 has released a new “Meet the Slayers” trailer featuring a guy named Ryan: an “exotic dancer” and playable character in the upcoming game. The game is the long-awaited sequel to developer Techland’s 2011 original, made famous by an old, impressive trailer.


We thought it was never going to get made, then last year we were surprised to hear that Dead Island’s sequel is coming in 2023. We waited almost ten years for it, so we really hope it was worth it. While the wait isn’t over yet, we’re getting ready for the April premiere with a new character trailer featuring Ryan the Tank. Check it out below!

The title of Dead Island 2 is a bit “clickbait”, as it won’t be set on an island exactly, but in the city of Los Angeles, although the developers have explained why the metropolis can be interpreted as an island. Here, as usual, you’ll be free to go on a rampage, complete main and side missions, evolve, craft weapons and so on. Dead Island 2 will have a combat system as complex as the first part, with several characters to choose from, each with different strengths. One of them is Ryan (not Reynolds!), who you wouldn’t think was a dancer, but that’s not what you’d think of Channing Tatum, isn’t it? According to the official description, this gruff guy is rather pessimistic and sarcastic, and his goal is to find his brother, hopefully still alive. Ryan is a kind of tank, effective in close combat with two-handed weapons (axe, sledgehammer). One of his important skills is Retaliation, which gives him bonus power when blocked or dodged. And thanks to a skill called Seesaw, he gains health when he knocks out a zombie.

Dead Island 2’s other two characters, Amy, who wields swift strikes and stabbing weapons, and Jacob, who shreds with a supercharged katana, have already been given character trailers, which you can watch here and here. There will also be other optional heroes, which will be revealed later by development studio Dambuster. As YouTube has restricted the video sharing due to the gory content, you can watch Ryan’s trailer by clicking on the appropriate link.

Dead Island 2 will, if all goes well, arrive on April 28, 2023 for PC, PS and Xbox consoles.

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