Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: This Is How The Game Will Open! [VIDEO]

The opening cutscene of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty sets the tone for an epic, dramatic and conflict-filled story set in a fictional version of China…



The newly unveiled opening scene gives us another taste of the story of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The wait for Team Ninja’s next project is coming to an end. The game, which is being billed as the spiritual successor to Nioh, will arrive in early March.

Players who try their hand at Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will enter a world that combines the history and mythology of China.

In this new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty video, players can learn a little more about the elixir of immortality. In the game, the quest for this elixir causes disasters, conflicts and political machinations. The mixture leads to a grand conspiracy, which the game’s protagonist, an anonymous soldier, faces. He will be the player in control.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is one of the most anticipated soulslike games of 2023. The game is a standout release for several reasons. One of them is the exciting combat system. In addition to incorporating all the typical elements of combat in soulslike games, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will offer players a variety of Chinese martial arts swords. For fidelity, director Masakazu Hirayama revealed that real martial artists recorded the movements of each weapon. Another element that promises a unique gaming experience is how the game approaches PvP.

The latest trailer for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty may make players even more curious, as the video talks about precisely what to expect without giving away any critical elements.

It’s sure to be a challenging game the likes of which Team Ninja fans have yet to see. It aims to offer a challenging twist to the genre. On the plus side, Team Ninja is a studio that has a strong track record of producing hit games set in the universe of Chinese and Japanese history.

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