Surprise-surprise: New Game From Evil Within Developers, Hi-Fi Rush, Dropped On Game Pass! [VIDEO]

Tango Gameworks, the developer of The Evil Within, has unveiled a surprise new game, Hi-Fi Rush, and launched it on Xbox Game Pass.



Tango Gameworks, responsible for the excellent The Evil Within games, appeared at the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct to officially announce Hi-Fi Rush. The new rhythm-based action game became available yesterday! Hi-Fi Rush was leaked before the official announcement. But even so, few people expected the game to be a surprise release the day it was announced to the world.

Most of the games revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct will be released in the first half of 2023, with games like Minecraft Legends getting a release date, while fans also got a sneak peek at the new Forza Motorsport.

As you can see in the launch trailer, which also serves as the game’s announcement trailer, Hi-Fi Rush differs from Tango’s usual games. While Tango Gameworks is known for gritty horror games like The Evil Within, Hi-Fi Rush is an anime-inspired art-style action game. It might seem that this action game is no different from the likes of Bayonetta or Devil May Cry. However, it has a musical/rhythmic twist: players are rewarded for attacking to the beat of the game’s music.

Hi-Fi Rush stages feature many action-packed confrontations with small enemies and platforming challenges. And, of course, exaggerated boss fights, as the genre demands. Fans of extreme action games such as the aforementioned Devil May Cry and Bayonetta will find many favourites in Hi-Fi Rush. True, the game’s art style and characters may prove divisive. Ultimately, anyone who’s curious can try the game out via an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Since Hi-Fi Rush launched as a surprise, there are no reviews to let fans know whether or not the game will be worth checking out.

However, that shouldn’t matter so much since it can be played through Xbox Game Pass. It was revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct that Hi-Fi Rush would be available a few hours after the event closes. No specific release date was given. Fans of Tango Gameworks’ previous projects, or those who like this action game style, may want to check out Hi-Fi Rush. That is if you own a Series S/X console, as it is a next-gen console exclusive.

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