Hogwarts Legacy: Now We Know How Swimming Works In The Game! [VIDEO]

New footage shows a character taking a dip in the latest Hogwarts Legacy update, clearing up some questions about swimming in the game.



A recently released video confirms that players can swim in Hogwarts Legacy. Fans were curious to see how extensively they could interact with their environment. This video answers some more questions.

Hogwarts Legacy is just over two weeks away, but fans still have many questions about how they will be able to explore the world around the wizarding school.

Swimming was one of those unclear details. Some were wondering if their characters could dive underwater to perform magic. Or whether the characters could dip their feet in the water at all. Avalanche Software prides itself on giving players relative freedom to explore Hogwarts as they wish. Now fans can learn more about the mechanics around swimming.

A short clip has been posted on Twitter showing a player character fully clothed jumping into the water and swimming off into Black Lake. The character swims past Hogwarts, specifically the beautiful boathouse that Harry Potter fans may be all too familiar with from the movies. As for the mechanics, the animation is seamless. You can see how the moving body interacts with the water and how the graphics handle the interaction. The viewer can see the character swimming from different angles. The water ripples and shimmers with each stroke. Unfortunately, this doesn’t yet give us any further answers as to whether we can dive underwater or how deep players can explore Black Lake in Hogwarts Legacy.

There were a few interesting comments below the post, with one fan wondering if elemental spells would be able to interact with the environment, as it would be interesting to see someone use a frost spell and be able to walk on water as a result.

There were also simpler questions, such as whether the character’s clothes would drip when they got out of the water. Many fans also commented that it was a welcome improvement on previous Harry Potter games. In those, the character could simply die if he fell into the water.

Fans are eager to start exploring the wizarding world for themselves. So far, it looks like they will have several opportunities to do so. Avalanche Software has already revealed a lot about many aspects of the game. Fans will have two weeks to find out if the studio keeps any gameplay elements secret.

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