The Day Before: The Division & The Last Of Us Lovechild Gets A Punchy Gameplay Trailer! [VIDEO]

The Day Before, the post-apocalyptic zombie survival game from developer Fntastic, has so far been delayed by just eight months.



Days after announcing that The Day Before has been delayed until November 2023, developer Fntastic has released a 10-minute gameplay video. The trailer highlights what players can expect from the open-world zombie survival MMO.

It has almost everything you’d expect from the genre and seems to draw inspiration from several other popular games, including The Division, DayZ and The Last of Us.

There’s wandering the streets of ruined cities, scavenging abandoned houses for supplies, customising weapons at a workbench, backpacking inventory, and the occasional run-in with the undead. The zombies, however, don’t seem to be much of a threat. They can be easily eliminated from a distance. The video feels strangely lifeless and empty for an open-world game where you can meet and interact with other players. Much of the footage consists of the player character simply searching for supplies. Or just walking through empty streets.

This latest gameplay video is the best insight yet into The Day Before, of which little has been shown in recent years.

The game was initially planned for 2022 before it was announced that it would be moving to Unreal Engine 5. That decision caused the game to slip to March 2023.

However, the situation is not rosy now. Fntastic recently announced that the game had been delayed again to 10 November 2023. Initially, Fntastic said that the delay was due to a US legal dispute that prevented the developer from releasing the game on Steam. But it later said the delay was always part of the plan.

Source: YouTube, IGN

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