“Hollywood is Now Immersed in Self-Indulgence,” Says the Hit Director

MOVIE NEWS – While the big studios are trying to be safe, and in many cases, they are thinking about series and superhero productions based on used ideas, there is a director in Hollywood who mostly works from original material, i.e. from his own sources. He can claim such successes as The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Split, and Glass.


M. It’s Night Shyamalan, who doesn’t hide how critically he views the operation of the dream factory. “When you look at this industry, you get the feeling that it’s indulging itself and having a dialogue with itself,” Shyamalan told AFP. – There are films where the attitude is obvious: if the viewer is such a jerk, we’ll leach the films and just focus on getting the math right. This is a sign that this system is completely dysfunctional.”

The 52-year-old director feels nostalgic about the year of his big breakthrough, 1999, when the studios came out with such original, thought-provoking films as American Beauty, Magnolia, John Malkovich March or The Insider. “The profession was different at that time. The goal was to tell the best stories to the widest audience. Everything has changed today. I thought I would leave that system and go my own way, with smaller films but with bigger risks. Then I don’t have to ask if a gay couple can be in the story or if I can hire a wrestler as the main character.”

Shyamalan refers to his latest film (Knocking at the Shack), in which the character of Dave Bautista, an expansionist known for his superhero productions, and his three companions he attacks a family, telling them that they must sacrifice one of them or doomsday will come.

It seems that the director is not talking in the air when it comes to original ideas, because the first viewers of Knocking at the shack they speak highly of the company. According to Hollywood Reporter critic Brian Davids, it is one of the best plays of Shyamalan’s career, and even ten days after watching it, he pondered the ideas it raised.

Eric Davis, Fandango and RottenTomatoes critic, reports that he bit his nails during the screening, the film ushered in Shyamalan’s new heyday, Bautista</strong > and he dominates the story with his impressive presence throughout.

Asyia Iftikhar from PinkNews says that she was completely blown away by the film, highlighting the performance of Bautista in addition to the portrayal of the gay couple.

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