The Witcher 3: Serious Accusations Against CDPR For Nudist Scenes!

The bizarre story of The Witcher 3, which has been unfolding in recent days, takes another turn…



I’m not sure anyone would have thought CD Projekt Red would get involved in a controversy over genitalia. But that is precisely what has happened with The Witcher 3 recently. The studio just can’t seem to sweep the saga under the rug. Last week, an NSFW image of The Crones of Crookback Bog hit social media. In it, they are seen completely naked, showing off their bodies freely, in a scene in which they disguise themselves as humans when they meet Ciri.

CD Projekt Red quickly responded to this image, informing everyone that their addition was due to a community-sourced mod that slipped through during the development of the next-gen update.

The studio promised that they are currently “working on a fix”. However, a new development in the story has given a more serious tone to the situation.

First reported by Kotaku, someone claimed that the mod that slipped through was their “Vaginas for Everyone” mod. Which CD Projekt Red used without their permission. This is an older mod that was made for the original PC version of The Witcher 3. Although it can’t be confirmed that CD Projekt Red used it for the slip, the creator swears it’s theirs. He reportedly had no idea that CD Projekt Red had cut it for the next-gen update.

CD Projekt Red has yet to respond to this accusation, though it’s questionable how many other mods the studio could have potentially stolen if the allegations are true.

In the company’s defence, it claimed before the release of the next-gen update that it would pay the creators for any mods it included. The fact that the “Vaginas for Everyone” mod was not originally intended to be included in the next-gen update could also mean that this is simply a separate case of CD Projekt Red accidentally adding a mod that did not receive credit. Either way, we’ll keep you updated when the studio makes an official statement.

Source: Kotaku

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