Hogwarts Legacy: Fans Are Working On An Amazing VR Mode! [VIDEO]

Community developers are working on a colossal mod to bring virtual reality to all Unreal Engine games. But now they’re taking a break from the big project to focus on Hogwarts Legacy and get it VR-ready as soon as possible.



For many players, the release of Hogwarts Legacy was already a dream come true. Finally, the wizarding world has been adapted for video games. What’s more, most critics said it was an adaptation that lived up to fans’ expectations. As if simply seeing the wizard school through the screen wasn’t enough, modders are already working on a VR mod for the PC version.

The initiative is being led by a developer called Praydog, whose top priorities include expanding the catalogue of titles that can be played in virtual reality, and is working on a system that will allow VR compatibility with all games developed in the Unreal Engine.

In fact, all indications are that this version of Hogwarts Legacy is yet another example of progress being made on this project. This brings one piece of bad news, as the tool is still months away. Although it looks great in the videos, the requirements are incredibly high, and the result is not entirely stable.

Luckily, the modder himself has assured us that he may be taking a break from the big project to make the exclusive Hogwarts Legacy mod. So it could be released much sooner than expected. In this sense, a version optimised exclusively for this game could minimise resource consumption. It would also be more affordable for virtual reality glasses owners. It would also support 6DOF, which is already standardised for most gaming glasses.

Mods developed by Praydog are free. Although it has a page accepting donations, it does not ask for any compensation for its tools. He shares them with the community in open-source form. So all we have to do now is be patient until the premiere, and the time comes to enjoy Hogwarts Legacy in VR.

Source: YouTube

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