Battlefield: Two Studios Work On The Next Game’s Campaign

It is not something Electronic Arts did with Battlefield 2042…


DICE was the lead developer, but then, the publisher pushed several other teams, including Criterion Games, to the game, which led them to delay their game, then untitled project since released as Need For Speed: Unbound (they admitted they were working on Battlefield 2042). The game didn’t quite deliver the expected success. Hence, EA CEO Andrew Wilson brought in Vince Zampella, who had already proven himself around shooters (Titanfall) as the founder of Respawn, to head up the franchise.

We’ve also heard that a new Electronic Arts studio in Seattle is working on a Battlefield game with a single-player campaign (according to a job advertisement), headed by Marcus Lehto, who previously created Halo and later Disintegration (the latter was rather forgettable…). Gamesindustry has confirmed that the studio is called Ridgeline Games, and it’s official that they’ll be working with DICE on the story.

“Our decision to build out our single-player team here at DICE is a proactive approach that arms our global teams with the resources they need early on as we look ahead to the next Battlefield experience. We have immense strength and opportunity within our three global studios, with each team bringing its own set of deep franchise experiences. We can expand opportunities and benefit from new talent to help Ridgeline write the next chapter for the franchise,” said Rebecka Coutaz, DICE’s general manager and vice president. “Our vision, coupled with their experience with the franchise, is going to see us build a single-player campaign that will engage players in new ways while remaining true to the classic elements of what makes Battlefield truly unique,” added Lehto.

As Battlefield 2042 has no single-player content, in that respect, at least, the new installment (which has no name or release date yet) will already beat the soon-to-be-introduced-on-PlayStation Plus Essential title.

Source: WCCFTech

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