Did Horizon Zero Dawn Prevent Bloodborne’s Port?

What does Guerrilla Games’ game do with FromSoftware’s PlayStation 4-exclusive title? It’s a bit of a complicated story, but we’ll try to explain it clearly…


A Spanish YouTube and Twitch personality is the one who started the whole. This person, who goes by the name BaityBait has over 163,000 followers on Amazon’s platform. He spoke on The Wild Project about what he’s heard about the PC port of Bloodborne, which would be a welcome development and would probably be well received, as there are certainly people who would like to try FromSoftware’s game but don’t have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

Horizon Zero Dawn was released for PC in August 2020, leaving PlayStation 4 exclusivity behind. Virtuos was behind the port, and according to BaityBait, the poor technical state at launch didn’t help. Because of it, Guerrilla Games and Nixxes Software had to step in to help fix Aloy’s adventure for PC (at the time, it was an initial attempt at PlayStation > PC ports). It came at a price, though: Virtuos was reportedly working on a PC conversion of Bloodborne, but Sony took it away from them.

Virtuos may also be familiar, as they worked on Marvel’s Avengers and are supposedly doing a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. But let’s go back to Horizon Zero Dawn: the PC port of the game didn’t have raving reviews due to technical problems. After a few months, Guerrilla and Sony were able to fix the most significant bugs, and then Nixxes Software cleaned it up at the end of 2021. It also led to them being acquired by Sony a few months later (and today, Nixxes is responsible for the PC porting).

Although it is just a rumor, there is a rationale: Sony didn’t know how to do PC ports at first, and the arrival of Nixxes helped, but wasn’t it a bit premature to cancel the Bloodborne port?

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