After The Xbox Series X Fridge, Here’s The Xbox Series S Toaster!

We can’t call Microsoft’s marketing sensible, but it’s nice to see them not taking the joke personally and delivering what the joke is about.


The Xbox Series X has been called a fridge by the internet because it’s a chunky device with a minimal design when viewed from the front. Microsoft thought it was not a bad idea, and the result was the Xbox Series X cooler, released in 2021. It can be purchased for around $100. The mini fridge was created by Microsoft in collaboration with Ukonic and can hold up to twelve cans of drinks. You can charge your devices with a USB port and plug the fridge into the mains with the AC adapter.

However, that’s just the beginning. If the French XboxSquad is to be believed: the site claims that the licensed Xbox Series S toaster is already available for pre-order (priced at 60 euros) and will soon be on store shelves. The toaster will be part of a new range of products, so you’ll also find an Xbox ramen bowl, an RGB mouse pad, boxes, and a pen holder with the Microsoft branding (if it is true, they’ve let the horse loose with their creativity).

We understand the need for marketing because we need to get people’s attention so that they are not just potential consumers but actual buyers. (It’s no coincidence that Sony’s Live from PS5 campaign is running on television. However, in our region, Microsoft is rarely seen.) However, it might be the other side of the coin because we don’t see Sony releasing a PlayStation 5 bookshelf (and it was a random thought that came to mind). After all, they don’t have such an idea, and let’s face it; they don’t need to do something like that.

We have to ask, though, whose stupid idea was it to make a TOASTER?

Source: VGC, XboxSquad

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