This Hogwarts Legacy Fan Re-Creates The Game’s Most Iconic Objects In Amazing Ways!

A Hogwarts Legacy player recreates some of the game’s iconic wands and wand handles in stunning detail in real life.



In the wizarding world, wands are an essential part of a witch or wizard’s identity. One Hogwarts Legacy fan has recreated some of the game’s iconic wands in real life. One of the first things players do as soon as they arrive in Roxmorts is to select their wand from Ollivander’s. Unlike many of the outfits in the game, the wand chosen at the start of the game follows the protagonist to the end of the game.

Although the wands in Hogwarts Legacy are not as visually varied as some Harry Potter fans had hoped, the customisable wand handles in the game provide an excellent opportunity to add a personal touch to every swish and swipe.

A Hogwarts Legacy player called MythicalBear79 had the idea to take some of the wand handles and wands in the game and make them real life using a 3D printer. The result was posted on the game’s official subreddit. It says quite a lot about the finished wands that many fans have happily indicated that they would be happy to buy replicas.

From top to bottom, the wands will likely be the Stalk, Spiral and Ringed designs. And the handles are the Arrow, Corkscrew and Imperial with a unique colour scheme. The game already has some fantastic mods. One, for example, adds the Elder Wand to the game. However, the original designs of the wands by Avalanche Software are charming and easily fit in with the aesthetics of the wizarding world.

Unfortunately, Avalanche Software has been tight-lipped about future content, and with no DLC currently planned for Hogwarts Legacy, the commercial success of the game since its release suggests that Warner Bros. Interactive can count on Avalanche Software for an even better sequel.

Time will tell if Hogwarts Legacy will become a full-fledged franchise in the future. For now, however, fans can no doubt continue to enjoy the thrilling wand battles that made the game so enjoyable. It’s also only a matter of time before quality reproductions inspired by the game flood the cosplay markets.

Source: Reddit

Hogwarts legacy wands I’m making with my 3d printer from HarryPotterGame

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