Apple Is Working On A Language Model: Another Rival For ChatGPT!?

TECH NEWS – While Apple hasn’t escaped layoffs, the tech company focuses on the future, and artificial intelligence seems to be a priority.


ChatGPT is preparing for a new update, and other big tech companies are working on their language modeling toolkits. ChatGPT has been getting an explosion of attention in the last few months, so it’s no wonder Apple is working on something that will be a valuable extension for Siri: an Apple alternative to AI is in the works, and the company confirmed this to developers and investors at its annual AI show.

Not many details are available yet, but the New York Times has reported that Apple might be making a significant leap forward with Siri, as the tech company tests language modeling concepts weekly to create a competitive alternative to OpenAI’s successful attempt. Apple’s virtual assistant is lagging behind Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Still, the company’s experiments could strengthen the technology, which can only do what we say, making rivals more advanced.

Recently, it was reported that a developer could pair ChatGPT with the Apple Watch using an app. If Apple could do the same thing for Siri out of the box, it could significantly help users of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It is not possible at the moment due to technical shortcomings. At the same time, the GPT-4 update could already support images, as the language model can provide more accurate, detailed answers to these. (And the rate of improvement is still tremendous.)

However, Apple may not just create the technology for Siri but may also make it available in some way on its own, presumably to users of the iOS platform. But as this is not yet official, who knows if Apple is serious about its plans for artificial intelligence…

Source: WCCFTech

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