Disney Speedstorm: Early Access Launch Coming Soon [VIDEO]

The only problem is that Gameloft’s game can be purchased in multiple versions, each with different content, confusing the whole thing.


Gameloft’s game manager, Aska Suzuki, said in a press release, “We’re eager for fans to start their engines by joining us on the Disney Speedstorm racetracks throughout Early Access and battle each other as iconic racers on stunning tracks inspired by Disney and Pixar films. We can’t wait to hear our community’s feedback and to work together to create a game that is reactive to the needs and wants of the players as we plan to offer a constantly evolving racing experience.”

So the game will launch in early access and be available for purchase in three editions. Pre-ordering will get you the Toontech Early Bird (Donald Duck kart livery) and the Early Bird (Donald’s racing suit). The Standard Founder’s Pack will be €/$30. It will unlock Mickey Mouse and Donald the Duck in addition to early access (described for all three editions…), plus you can choose one more to your liking. It also comes with 4,000 tokens (the game’s currency), two Golden Pass credits, exclusive founder overalls and kart livery for the three characters, and an exclusive founder motto and avatar.

The Deluxe Founder’s Pack will be €/$50. On top of the previous list, it will give you 7,000 tokens instead of 4,000, Mulan, along with the exclusive founder’s overall and kart livery. The Ultimate Founder’s Pack will cost €/$70. It gives you 12,000 credits, gives you three Golden Pass credits instead of two, opens up Captain Jack Sparrow and Hercules as well, and they also get the exclusive founder’s overalls and kart liveries. Finally, Donald’s kart gets wheels and wings.

Early access to Disney Speedstorm launches on April 18 on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. After the Early Access period ends, the game changes to a free-to-play model.

Source: Gematsu

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